Velmobile: Can the ELF Buck History’s FAILS in Transportation Tech?

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Every now and again we see another vehicle designed by another company that claims to be the disruption in the transportation field to move us past the internal combustion automobile.  Recently, Oragnic Transit has developed a “velomobile” that they are calling the ELF, and they have raised over $250,000 on their Kickstarter campaign. I would be excited to see folks zipping around in ELFs all over the place, and wide adoption of this type of technology (a petal-powered, electric-assist, solar-recharging, partially-enclosed tricycle). But I’m cautious, and think that without navigating the regulatory environment and phenomenal marketing, this might end up in the dustbin of … Continue reading

Tyson’s Corner on the Verge of a Do-Over

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By Corinne Reilly, Published: January 3

The first thing to go was the parking lot behind the Container Store. And if all goes according to plan, more lots will be bulldozed — as will dozens of mid-rise office buildings, hotels and car dealerships.

Two years after Fairfax County adopted a radical, four-decade plan to redevelop Tysons Corner, it is finally beginning to happen, block by block, building by building….

Via The Washington Post

Let’s Teach Children Planning

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By Michael Rodriguez, published September 24, 2009

Planners often encounter ineffective public participation because of the fact that citizens often are not taught planning skills in school, says Michael A. Rodriguez…


Is Uber Empowering Female Drivers?

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**UPDATE 1/27/2014** ** OVER THE WEEKEND IT WAS REPORTED THAT UBER ENGAGED IN UNETHICAL BUSINESS PRACTICES. READ HERE ** I want to share an interesting theme that came up the other day when I was taking an Uber ride (and briefly tweeted about). I was in DC using Uber for my first time just the other day and headed to lunch when I pulled out my iPhone and called up a black car. Because I was centrally located at 14th and K for work, it took well under 5 minutes for the car to roll up – it was a nice black Escalade. As a transportation professional, … Continue reading

Would More Drivers Use Mass Transit if It Mimicked Private Cars?

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Personal Rapid Transi

By Emily Badger, Published: January 15. 2013

Personal Rapid Transit is probably best described as a hybrid between the private car and public transit, with some more familiar elements of the taxi and elevator thrown in. Picture, in short, a pod car. Engineers and researchers (even Google!) have been fantasizing for several decades now about the concept, which would personalize public transit in small vehicles – perhaps running on or hanging from an elevated track – that would transport you straight to your destination without any of the stops and delays of a bus route, or without the cost of a taxi ride…

Via the Atlantic Cities.

Average Vehicle Occupancy. Whats Up With Idaho Motorcyclists?

Average Vehicle Occupancy
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Now, recently at work we were doing some stuff involving looking at Average Vehicle Occupancy (AVO).  For those who don’t know, AVO is quite simple: the average number of persons per vehicle. This changes by time of day, by roadway, by geography, etc.  It so happens that the national AVO for the U.S. is 1.67 (very golden mean-ish!). What I’ve done is get the National Household Travel Survey 2009 to report to me the AVO by vehicle class, and by state.  Look at the results above. (Original resultshere). So the question that I ask:  What is up with Idaho?  Appearantly, they are able to … Continue reading