Self Driving Google Car Caught in Wild

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Self Driving Google Car in Wild

My good brother, Frankie Rodriguez, caught glimpse of the elusive self-driving Google car in the wild out on the streets of San Francisco last night.

I wasn’t aware they were Lexus vehicles. For some reason I imagined they would be sedans, hybrids, or something not luxury-SUV-like. That robot must be in the utmost comfort. (Yes, I know there’s technically a human ‘driver’ in the vehicle too).

Have you seen any self-driving cars out on the wild? Send your pictures on over to me @TranspoPlanner  I’m happy to make a gallery of this. Maybe even establish a map of various sightings… you know I like my maps.


There Are 1.75 Mil. People Inside the Beltway & Cool Maps

Population by Census Tract
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I noticed the Inside the Beltway geography is often not explored an isolation, so I’m here to provide some cocktail-hour conversation starters. People often show stats about the District of Columbia, but as an urbanist I tend to think of things in terms of the “functional city.” The Metropolitan Statistical Area is often one definition, and there are countless others, as to what a “functional city” means, but lets look at the DC functional city as Inside the Beltway. I calculated some statistics for you, and here’s the main one you’re wondering about: there are 1.75 million people inside the … Continue reading