Live Blog from Transportation Camp DC 2014

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Live Blog from Transportation Camp 2014.

AM session 11:00am
New Urban Mobility–a discussion with Emily Badger, Gabe Klein, David Bragdon, Beth Stevens


Standing room only!

Beth Stevens, General counsel, Sidecar– CA regulations are not perfect, but we know where we are; Seattle is looking more onerous — taxi or limo-like regulations, and the casual driver is not going to sign up.

Gabe Klein “bike share is the future of transportation.”


“Capital bikes hare is one of the only systems in the US that makes money ”

Gabe discussing inefficiencies in taxi medallions. It’s one of those issues in transportation that economists love to hate as a classic market failure.

Gabe compares taxis, to “one guy owning 400 hot dog carts and a bunch of indentured servants “. Haha :).

David Bradgon
“All elements that make for a good bike share are also supportive for transit”

“Taxi regulations artificial economics… Contrary to desires of consumers” In discussing taxi regulation and medallions. Compares to civil aeronautics board idea to regulate.

uber discussing safety. Especially of women’s safety as taxi drivers. I wrote a blog post about that a while back.

Discussing liability insurance for Uber cabs. Are drivers liable when they are not carrying passengers?

Now talking about car sharing.

Gabe talking about his experience at Zipcar. On street spaces for zipcar made it an extension of the public transit.

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